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The djset project by Ygor Ribeiro presents musical influences with a very marked Indian content, bringing to the tracks a dancing atmosphere at some moments and extremely meditative in others, always seeking a mental expansion that opens doors to the spiritual planes through psychedelia. Abudelic has the focus of leaving the clues in true psychedelic trance, in 2007 he had the great pleasure of knowing the psychedelic trance directly from his roots in the state of Goiás, in mid-2012 had his first contact with the CDJs, since then was creating and their affinities in their mixes, is inspired by great artists such as Braincell, Tristan, Dickson, Ajja, Burn in Noise, Dick Trevor, Mechanimal, Lucas, Mad Tribe, Space Tribe, Mad Maxx, Di Goa, Rica Amaral, Cosmic Sound and many others . DJ Abudelic goes through several strands of psychedelic trance such as PSYCHEDELIC-TRANCE, PSY-TRANCE, PROGRESSIVE-TRANCE, FULLON and FOREST, playing extremely mind-bending and transcendental tracks for a perfect expansion of mind of body and soul.


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