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Diego Pontes aka Diego Salgado, met the electronic scene initially with the Techno and Drum’n Bass, attending nightclubs and clubs, where were presented famous artists like: Anderson Noise, Mau Mau and Patife. In 2001, he met psy trance and was enchanted by the culture. From then on he became an active member of the main festivals and festivals in the Southeast and Central-West Brazil. In 2004, together with friends, he introduced the trance culture in his hometown, Araxá-MG, hosting themed events in clubs and small farms in the city, attracting more and more people. Today, Araxá is recognized nationally in the trance scene thanks to the large number of followers who participate in the main events in the country. In that same year, he began his career as DJ SET because he always wanted to pass on to people the unique sensation that electronic music conveys. Over the years he has acquired unique techniques of mixing and good musical taste, playing songs from various aspects of psytrance with set’s from 138 to 145bpms, some reaching 155bpms. Your set is always a surprise. The affection and interaction, is a present factor that provides an unique experience, leaving the public in perfect harmony. He has performed with great artists, among them: Ace Ventura, GMS, Pixel, Tristan, Avalon, Burn in Noise, Altruism, Rhythm, Dickster, Zen Mechanics, Space Tribe, Mad Max, Earthspace, Earthling, Liquid Soul, X -Noize, Astrix and etc. His sound is very varied but remarkable, with new songs from renowned record labels such as Nano Records, Looney Moon, Zenon, Antu, Alien, Vagalume, Hommega, Ayauma Records, among others. He is an active member of major national events, mainly in the interior of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, presenting in several editions of festivals such as Soulvision, Samsara, Resistance Main Floor, Kranti Alternative Festival and OHM Music Festival. He also performed on the alternative track of the 303 ART Festival in Bahia in 2010, in the 12th edition of the Paralello Universe in 2013, on track 303 representing the Samsara label and in the 13th edition of the Paralello Universe in 2015, on track 303. He recently joined SONITUM RECORDS , label created in 2017 with the intention of offering the public the best in psytrance. Diego Salgado promises a new experience rich in effects, precise mixes and unpublished songs.


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