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DJ JOOZA (Rizoma rec./Juayhu rec./Sonitum rec.) Creator of the Pangeia Collective, more than 8 years behind the scenes participating in events of renown in his region: Raising his sound frequency between 138 to 142 BPM his set DJ brings a sense of euphoria and peace, dancing melodies and filled with progressively deep atmospheres and can connect in a high vibrational state. Festivals such as UNIVERSO PARALELLO, ARKANA FESTIVAL (Peru), LA PAZ IN TRANSE (Bolivia) F.A.K, JACUNDA (AM), SAMSARA FESTIVAL (MG) and TRANCEFORMATION (GO). He currently signs RIZOMA Rec. (Argentina) JUAYHU Rec. (Bolivia-Santa Cruz) also the label of the Brazilian label SONITUM Rec.


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