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Mixing began in the year 2013, In 2014 began to perform playing at festivals and festivals of great recognition.
He has performed at the National and International DJs, such as Pragmatix, Fabio Leal, Vandeta, RollerCoaster, Rica Amaral, Labyrinth, Whiptongue, Smoke Ship, Fungoloyds, Xpiral, Eclipse Echoes, Axial Tilt, Mind Evolution, Mental Broadcast, Zanon, 4I20, Sutemi, Sychotria, Alchemy Circle, Tera, Altruism, Shekinah, Vegas, Ekanta, Minimal Criminal and Purist, Arjuna and Zenkai.
It has in its predominant characteristic a line that varies from 142 to 150 bpm, varying in each set a heavy bassline and with clean grooves, a line with elements and technological melodies.
He is also one of the Idealizers of Ajna Festival, Medusa Festival and Arya Ritual of the West of Santa Catarina.
In 2017 he started to Sign and Represent the Stamps of Womb Records (Spain) on FullOn Groove and Sonitum Records (Brazil) FullOn Night.


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