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Warrior Z is the project created by Hales Ruan from Goiania. With his 25 years of age always fascinated by music in the last years he became assiduous in the scene of Psytrance in Goiânia, with this experience he identified with Full On deciding to risk as DJ SET with regional references: Montech, Hardtech, Kobot and Cosmic Sound. In the second half of 2018, he went on to learn and finished the course of DJ SET at EMEG (Electronic Music School of Goiânia). Later he traveled to Brasília and concluded the intensive course of mixing directed to Psytrance with Tiago Jucelino Aka Deep Creation ( Free Space / Sonitum Records). In December of 2018, he won the space for the record company SONITUM RECORDS, and this project promises a serious sound with influences such as: Shivatree, Avalon, Burn In Noise, Altruism, Tristan, Volcano, Sonic Species, MadTribe, Eletric Universe and Outsiders. Today represented by the great PORTAL TRANCE BOOKINGS seal, Gandhi Crew (GO), The Family Crew (DF).


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